paul-formalPaul Seiwert, born 12/20/98, was a wonderful little boy with the biggest heart.  He loved the outdoors, fishing, going to the northwoods in Minaqua, WI, and of course all the other stuff little boys love.  As a young boy, he was diagnosed with leukemia.  This changed his life forever.

With Paul’s new diagnosis, he was treated by the best and smartest doctors in the country at Advocate Children’s Hospital.  He always received the finest care and was loved by all.  His smile would light up the room, even on the darkest days.  Paul loved teddy bears and always had one by his side.  Paul had good days and bad days with his treatment, but he was always “our Paul.”

Sadly, on 3/21/08, Paul lost his battle with leukemia.  This changed our lives forever.

From that day on, we have been committed to increase awareness, support research, and raise money to fight cancer all in Paul’s name.