Paul Seiwert Foundation Funds Raised (2009 – 2016)

Year 2016  ($50,000 Raised)

Year 2015  ($35,000 Raised)

Year 2014  ($32,000 Raised)

Year 2013  ($31,000 Raised)

Year 2012  ($30,000 Raised)

Year 2011  ($20,000 Raised)

Year 2010  ($12,900 Raised)

Year 2009  ($5,300 Raised)




Pediatric Oncology Family Support Provides assistance to families in need going through extended cancer treatment including: gas cards, meal vouchers, housing and other travel expenses.
2010 to 2012


Pediatric Oncology Research A research study of the initial indicators of a rare but potentially fatal disease known as HLH that affects infants and young children.


Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program and Child Life Program The new Survivorship program used funds for various start-up needs including purchase of 200 books: Childhood Cancer Survivors, A Practical Guide to Your Future.  The book is given to each patient family on their first visit; attendance at key cancer conferences at which the program coordinator was a keynote speaker; marketing and educational materials. Funds also cover nutritional counseling for families which is not covered by insurance plans.

The Child Life Program includes certified trained specialists who use play and therapeutic activities such as art and music therapy, provide, education support and distraction techniques during procedures which reduces the stress for patients and family members.


2013/2014 Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program and Child Life Program This year the Survivorship program used significant funds to provide neuropsychological screening/testing and school advocacy which results in making   accommodations to improve the school life of pediatric cancer survivors.

The child life team grows to 12 specialists at ACH-PR who continue to carry out the above activities for patients and families.

2014 to 2016 Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program and Child Life Program Funds will continue to be used for all the above stated activities to cancer survivors and their families.  The name of the program is now called POST (Pediatric Oncology Survivorship in Transition) which aligns with the same program at ACH-Oak Lawn.